Tied To You
Description and Information
Author/s: Neil Halstead
Release year: 2012
Length: 4:27
Label: Brushfire Records

Hey there don't you know
We're all here and no-one's talking
Shaking like a leaf your arms they fall across my body
Brother I love you now but you were spoiled when we were growing
There's a heart that beats, but you know you don't show it now
Show it now
Show it now

There's a man stood over there
says that you still owe him money
Don't come that way with me
He's seen you, he's seen you drinking

The blues they may run the game
But you still take this darkness with you
Holding me to you
and they don't see no air between us
Holding me to you
And brother they don't see no difference, no
I'm not like you
I'm not like you

Hey there son the lies are going away
All the darkness roll with you
Hey there son, don't you know
You know my life it is tied to you
You know my life it is tied to you
You know my life it is tied to you
You know my life it is tied to you

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