Description and Information
Author/s: Neil Halstead
Release year: 2012
Length: 4:58
Label: Brushfire Records

Hey there, sandgirl
Don't make me smile
I'm halfway gone and you're still waking up

Another time I may stay for awhile
Another year I may stay for your smile

It's a hard road a man must run
It's a long road a man must travel

Sandy, don't cry
And I won't cry too

Hey there now, don't you seem so proud
Going over with the highway there
I'll light a candle for the part that's gone
I'll see you with, with the wind in your hair

It's a hard road a man must run
It's a long road a man must... see you

Sandy, don't cry
I will not cry too

Notable triviaEdit

  • One of Halstead's longer songs, only a meagre 2.5 minutes shorter than Mojave 3's "My Life In Art", which is 7.5 minutes long.
  • Very possibly the most ambiguous song he has ever written.

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