Palindrome Hunches (song)
Description and Information
Author/s: Neil Halstead
Release year: 2012
Length: 2:02
Label: Brushfire Records

Think it's time to batten down the hatches,
to hide the booze and bury all the hatchets
I never thought I could,
but now i know I should, it's funny

Kansas City girl in an empty Irish bar, I wonder

Writing down a palindrome for you,
Do geese see god? I don't suppose they do...
A Toyota's a Toyota,
Ah, Satan sees Natasha,
Yes, he does...

I wonder if we ever really change
forwards we go backwards just the same
Been born a hundred times before,
made the same mistakes before, I know

Kansas City girl, in your Kansas City world, I miss you

Notable triviaEdit

  • Palindrome Hunches mentions Kansas City, a Missouri city in the United States midwest. Why Halstead would have connections to such is unknown.
  • The song is written about and contains several palindromes, unique words and phrases that are spelled the same way forwards and backwards.