Little Twig
Description and Information
Author/s: Neil Halstead
Release year: 2008
Length: 4:30
Label: Brushfire Records

Counting all my steps right back to you
Little twig
You are a fig-
-ment of me

Or is it you?
Or is it you?

Your bicycle makes trouble for us all.
You've got no brakes.
Yeah, you've got the shakes
And little boys,
Well, they drop their toys,
When you fly past, oh, yes they do

The art of living well is not just choice
Comes down to luck...
And who you trust
Oh, little twig
You do trust well
Yeah, you do trust well
Yeah, you do just well

Do do do do do do
Do do do do
Do do do... do do do do

Seagulls on the roof have kept me wide
Awake and pale
In case I fail
To sleep again
To dream of you
To take my turn on something new.

Mudguard in the flap, chain is slack
Little twig, you rattle past
Like a can of nails on an angel's tail
Yes, you do!
Yes, you do!

Sunday morning paper says you've failed
To make it through,
Oh, little twig
Could this be true?
Could this be true?
Could this be true?

Could this be true?

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